About the Beekeeper - Eric Evenson

I am a 1980 graduate from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln, College of Agriculture. I have been a beekeeper in the Gothenburg area for 25 years. The packages are shook in Nebraska from my bees that will have just returned from California Pollination.

About the Beekeeper- Lance Bodfield

I graduated in 2008 and have been working for Eric harvesting honey in Nebraska and pollinating in California for the last 6 years. This year I added 100 hives of my own. I also have been put in charge of running the website and taking your orders for packages.

About the Beekeeper- John Bodfield

I graduated and began helping Eric during the honey seasons. This year I have been full time and am going to California for the second time. I keep 4 hives of my own and am hoping to expand further.